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home audio

We love a good sound system that will shake the house with no vibrations. That’s why we specialize in designing the best sound system for your home at reasonable prices that beat our competitors.  We carry all the brands so you can choose how you want your house to look and sound. Check out our past projects and how we’ve helped clients experience new sounds.

home theaters

Home Theaters have been very popular with us for families who like to watch movies on a relaxing family evening. We make sure to keep your family tradition still going while also improving the way you watch your movies. With having years of experience designing theaters even at commercial theaters, we bring the home cinema to a new level of enjoyment.

media rooms

Whether your hosting a family party or watching the Super Bowl,  you want to make sure your entertainment system actually entertains you and your guests. We make sure your media room is properly set up and working to its full capabilities. We give the options to fully customize your system with the brands we carry and help you save on products.

home automation

Home automation is easily the coolest part to add to any home. With the options to control the functionality of your home. We work with the Brilliant Smart Home control panel to yours and your families life a little more simple. Our team professionally installs your Brilliant system to your unique daily routines so it fits your busy lifestyle.

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