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Moving into a new home is an exhilarating experience, offering a blank canvas for personalization and comfort. Imagine the excitement of designing the perfect space for immersive entertainment, where every detail contributes to a seamless audiovisual experience. Meanwhile, a home remodel presents the opportunity to transform existing spaces into sanctuaries of modern technology and relaxation. Whether integrating state-of-the-art speakers discreetly into the walls or creating a dedicated home theater room, both scenarios offer the chance to craft environments where music and movies come to life, surrounding inhabitants in stunning soundscapes and cinematic visuals.

The Common Issues.

For the past few years, Park City has been a hot spot for new home construction and home remodels. When we walk into a project equipped with AV by another company, we see common issues in each home that cause homeowners to have headaches for months or years.

When we talk to our clients looking to fix these issues and find a solution that fits their needs, we often ask “What has your current system not done for you that you want it to do now?” They respond that the remote system never works or the sound quality isn’t what they expected. We then came to find the system was installed by electricians. When it comes to creating an audio-video experience like no other, it takes a team of experts to craft and properly design your space.

New home construction in Park City, Utah.

The Process

Prewiring a home for audio involves detailed planning and execution to ensure seamless integration of audio systems throughout the space. The process begins during the construction or renovation stage before walls are closed up, allowing easier access to route cables and wires.

First, we created a detailed blueprint outlining the locations for speakers, amplifiers, and other audio components. Our technicians carefully run speaker wires and other necessary connections through walls, ceilings, and floors, taking into account the layout and design preferences of the homeowner. Next, we coordinate with contractors to ensure proper communication to have any electrical placed where needed. Finally, once the wiring is in place, it is tested to guarantee optimal performance and connectivity when the audio equipment is installed. Prewiring a home for audio enhances the aesthetic appeal by minimizing visible wires and lays the foundation for a high-quality audio experience throughout the home.

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