Smart Home

Life Made Simple

With how technology is today, we have many different devices to make our homes easily adjustable. But as we keep adding more and more functionalities, the more remotes or clutter we have too.

That’s why with the Brilliant Smart Home system, we connect your home by replacing your existing light switches, giving you the control of your smart thermostat, lights, door locks, blinds, and your speakers throughout your home, keeping you connected to your home through only one system which simplifies your lifestyle dramatically. The great thing about Brilliant is you will notice how easy it is to control your home after you use it for the first time.

Brilliant gives the options to choose between a one, two, three, or four-switch panel still gives the ability to control multiple lights in a room.

At The Right Cost

Our Brilliant systems are affordable, reliable, simple-to-use, and easy-to-understand. Adding home automation should be extremely inexpensive and manageable to use if you have the right guys to program it for you! Like many systems on the market today, they are very unreliable and challenging to use.

That’s why Audio Design & Automation carries Brilliant since they make it simple to streamline all of your home capabilities through a user-friendly interface. Learning to adapt to your smart home is brief and fun at the same time. We are an exclusive dealer of the Brilliant Smart Home, focused on serving customers in Park City and Salt Lake City.

If you’re looking to add, upgrade, or start a smart home, contact the experts at Audio Design! 



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