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Experience A New Sound 

When we buy a new TV, we often buy the TV with the highest resolution and the best picture for the best viewing experience. At Audio Design & Automation, we not only want to change how you watch your favorite TV shows or your favorite movies, but we also want to change how you listen to them.

We have an excellent selection of high-performance speakers and audio equipment in the state. Revel, JBL, Arcam, Mark Levinson, Dali, and NAD are a few of the brands we carry. Having a vast selection makes choosing the right system for your home simpler.

We also carry top-of-the-line Samsung, Sony, and LG TVs and match any price. Get the right company to engineer and install your tv with audio because we know how incredible even watching your favorite episodes can be.


Choose the Audio Experts

We are experts in determining the best design and products for your system to ensure it plays at full capacity, no matter the space. Our team continues to be the best at providing the right solutions for any home and room. No small detail goes unnoticed, starting from the connections to your speakers and amplifier; to the placement of your seating, we make sure you get the most enjoyment out of your system. After all, that’s why you have a system.

As we continue to make every room perfect, we make the home experience even more enjoyable for the families we work for. This is our promise to you and your family, and we stand by it. Put your trust in us, and we will put the time to correctly install your gear using the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the last the 30 years.

Home Audio
Home Audio
Home Audio
Home Audio
Home Audio
Home Audio
Home Audio
Home Audio

Home of  Mark Levinson

Mark Levinson is an industry leader when it comes to high-fidelity and audiophile audio systems. Unlock the power of music with Mark Levinson audio systems. Mark Levinson helps you discover a new layer of your music, whether it’s the slightest breath an artist takes before the chorus or a hidden harmony you’ve never heard before.

Audio Design & Automation is the select dealer for all Mark Levinson products in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. For more information about prices, demos, or more information, we are here to be your Mark Levinson supplier.

Clean Designs With No Wires

Do you want Hifi audio in your home but don’t want all the wires? We love creating a space with in-wall speakers for a sleek design with the same incredible sound quality. In-wall speakers give your room more life without sacrificing the space to do so.

Our house brands, JBL and Revel, make it easy to have exactly that. Whether building a new home or planning to remodel, adding in-wall speakers can easily be done and look great with TVs. We take the time to measure the space to ensure absolute perfection on the job.

Home Audio
Home Audio

Introducing  JBL Conceals 

JBL has created the ultimate In-wall speaker system with cutting-edge technology and superior sound without ever seeing the speakers. The JBL Conceals are designed for flush installation and are painted over, so if you walked into the room you would not be able to pinpoint where the sound was coming from at first glance.

The flush-mount loudspeakers are designed to be installed without any visible components in traditional residential wall or ceiling construction – suitable for use in stereo Hi-Fi, distributed audio, and multichannel home theater and music systems.

Best Way To Play Vinyl?

Vinyl has long been the best way to listen to your music and offers a sound that digital audio has long been trying to replicate. With vinyl, listening to music is a hands-on experience that gives you a bit of a nostalgic feel even if you have never owned vinyl before.

Give your audio setup another angle to enjoy your favorite music by adding a turntable. We carry what we think are top-of-the-line turntables and have a knowledge of making it sound just right.

Home Audio
Home Audio

Music With a Touch of a Button

We make sure to put our clients into the best and easiest to use products. One of our favorites is the Bluesound line of products. Supporting up 32-bit/384kHz resolution, you are streaming absolute perfection to your system. Let’s not forget the ease of use Bluesound offers with their own app that works flawlessly with your mobile device and any music streaming platforms you use; all you need is strong wifi because Bluesound connects to your wifi for reliable playback.

Add the best in hifi for your home.


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