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When we buy a new TV, we often buy the TV with the highest resolution and the biggest picture for the best viewing experience. At Audio Design & Automation, we want you to not only experience how you watch your favorite team play on Sundays or watch your favorite movies, but how you listen to them.

We have one of the best selections of high-performance speakers and audio equipment in the industry. Revel Architectural, JBL Synthesis, Arcam, Mark Levinson, Lyngdorf, and Klipsch are just a few of the brands we carry. Having such a big selection makes choosing the right system for your home simpler.

We use our expertise to determine the best placement of your speakers to ensure its full capability, whether it be on the floor, wall, or ceiling. Our team has been best in state at providing the right solutions for any home and room. By paying close attention to the fine details of every project, we give you the ability to make your home fully customizable.

Also, with many years of experience in designing home audio rooms and theater rooms, we make every home we work with, accurately positioned with the proper acoustics in your place.

As we continue to make every room perfect to this day, we make the home experience even more enjoyable for the families we serve. That is our promise to you and your family, and we stand by it. So put your trust into us as we will put the time to correctly install your gear using our knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the last the 30 years.

Best Way To Jam Out?

You guessed it. Vinyl records are the best way to listen to your favorite music even today!! Vinyl records offer a sound that digital audio could never. Digital audio is compressed, often taking away certain qualities, leaving the listener with average to below-average sounds.
Owning a record player again or even if it would be your first time, is an experience worth hearing.

Also, it looks good sitting out in your room for guests to see just how hip you are. With our turntable solutions, we will make your system easy to use while sounding amazing, for years to come. Come check out the turntables we have in our store as we can demo some for you.

Stream The New Way

Every project is always going to be different from the last. The reason being, everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to the products in their homes. We’ve used many other types of streamers in the past and still have many others to choose from. But one of our favorites has to be the Bluesound Node 2i which actually was introduced to the markets a couple of months ago.


With that being said, we still have other options for streaming devices to choose from. such as the Google Nest, Echo Dot, or Bluetooth stereo receivers, and many more options still. Just give us a call

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