Home Theater

Home Theater

Cinema the Right Way

Going to the movie theater is a big part of the movie experience, but what if you don’t have to leave your house to get the same experience? Bring the theater to your home by designing the perfect theater and having us take care of the rest.

When looking to build or upgrade your home theater, you should choose a company having over 30 years of experience. Audio Design & Automation has the top-tested brands that ensure quality and excellence in every product we carry.

Our highly educated team is efficient and respectful of your needs. We design 7.1+ Dolby digital and Atmost to make your home theater the real deal. We are experts when it comes to giving your theater the big-screen experience.

Get More Use From Your Room

A big trend we see in the industry is having a multi-use theater. Meaning, rather than having a dedicated theater, this is a space with more functionality; similar to a lounge area great for hosting parties, watching the big game, and evening playing games. We have been using different seating designs and designing a bar area for serving food and hanging out. 

Not only will you find the best products and best service to install your theater, but you can choose which brands and equipment you want in your home theater, which helps tailor a theater within your price range. Our goal is that we want you to feel like your theater is more of who you are and not like everyone else’s when buying a theater.

Home Theater
Home Theater

Superior Audio

JBL Synthesis is a complete turnkey system for your home theater or media room. Utilizing the most advanced electronics and loudspeakers, we create a completely customized system tailored to your room’s size and acoustics. Once installed, each system is expertly calibrated to guarantee exceptional performance for each and every seat.

Become part of the performance with a sound that envelops you. With perfectly balanced sound and incredible dynamics, a JBL Synthesis system makes each moment of the movie come to life.

Every component of a JBL Synthesis system is engineered to perform in perfect harmony, so you can enjoy the most realistic listening experience possible.

Home Theater
Home Theater
Home Theater

See the Action Clearly

You may be able to find what you are looking for at any local theater store on the corner of the street, but are they giving you the best deal out there? These are the factors you want to keep in mind when shopping for your projector and screen. We work closely with manufacturers to provide you with great deals that help you save hundreds and thousands on the cost of your theater.

Give us a call and see how we can give you the best brands at the best cost. We are dealers of all big names in the media room or theater industry and can professionally mount or hang your screen.


Home Theater
Home Theater

The Future IS Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape delivers a bit-for-bit identical copy of the studio master audio in lossless Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. With an audio bitrate 10x higher than typical streamer rates, Kaleidescape dramatically elevates your processor, amplifiers, speakers, and room treatments. Experience the difference in quality you will hear not just in the ground-shaking rumbles but in the transporting power of each subtle sound.

With a video bitrate 10x higher than typical streamer rates, Kaleidescape elevates your video processor, projector, and screen to produce lifelike clarity and precision. With compressed video on streamers, encoding artifacts such as softness, noise, and banding become obvious and distracting. Kaleidescape eliminates these distractions, allowing you to showcase your theater’s capabilities with breathtakingly realistic action scenes and special effects.

Focus on Build Quality

When our clients are building out a theater, we ensure that each theater room is built sturdy and built for acoustics. This means we plan early to make sure the walls won’t vibrate and are off by a few degrees to avoid any sound cancellation. Make sure to call home theater experts early in your build-out who are knowledgeable about room acoustics so you can avoid any rattles and sound deficiencies later in your project.  

Home Theater


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