Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

Take The Music Outside 

There’s nothing quite like having a family barbeque in the backyard and enjoying the summer warmth, the smell of the ribs on the grill, and your favorite music all at once. We have created the perfect way to enjoy your music even when outside, introducing Sound Bubble speakers.

Sound Bubble is our outdoor design that help creates a natural sound using the ground as a speaker box to give you a depth in your sound. Not only does the Sound Bubble design create an incredible ambient sound but helps in canceling the noises from neighbors or any busy roads nearby


We have used Our Sound Bubble Speakers in many homes throughout Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California; and they truly stand the test of time. The speaker itself is a ‘mushroom’ design that blends in with your surrounding natural features as we are able to place them strategically in your backyard but we also color match it with any rocks, grass, or other common colors you might see in your backyard that lasts in all weather conditions.

This is how we provide a 5-Star satisfaction guarantee, by having the ability to produce a natural clear sound, a speaker which blends in perfectly with nature, and a long-lasting solution that you can use any device to control your music. Connect Sonos or Bluesound to give you a truly incredible and easy user experience and enjoy the company of your family and guests.

Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor Speakers

Keep the Consistancy

Are you a fan of Revel? Well you’re in luck, we are too and we happen to be direct dealers of Revel. Which means we have access to getting Revel’s line of outdoor speakers that have the Revel sound that we all know and love. As any other speaker we carry and install we give your Revel outdoor speakers the power they deserve to really give your backyard experience the sound it needs.

Revel’s outdoor speaker is like the Sound Bubble speakers and are all weather, and easily blend into the surrounding features. Give us a call to learn more about our great selection of outdoor speakers and start planning for the warmer seasons soon ahead of us.

Outdoor Speakers


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