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Mark Levinson is an industry leader when it comes to high-fidelity and audiophile audio systems. Unlock the power of music with Mark Levinson audio systems. Mark Levinson helps you discover a new layer of your music, whether it’s the slightest breath an artist takes before the chorus or a hidden harmony you’ve never heard before.

Audio Design & Automation is the select dealer for all Mark Levinson products in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. For more information about prices, demos, or more information, we are here to be your Mark Levinson supplier.

Integrated Amplifiers

Experience the true power of your music with an integrated amplifier that allows you to hear the unique character of every note. Mark Levinson offers three incredible models of their integrated amplifiers, No. 585.5, No. 5802, & No. 5805.

№ 585.5

Fill your home with distortion-free sound. The № 585.5 contains an oversized toroidal transformer and massive capacitors that deliver all the headroom you need for your most dynamic performances.

200W at 8 ohms; 300-350W at 4 ohms.

№ 5802

With pristine class-A/B amplification and a highly capable power supply, the № 5802 delivers an abundance of power to your loudspeakers — and fills an entire room with rich, distortion-free sound.

125W/channel at 8 ohms, 250W/channel at 4 ohms

№ 5805

The Mark Levinson № 5805 contains a high-quality preamplifier, phono stage and amplifier in one seamless package, delivering dynamic sound for your entire digital and analog music collection.

125W/channel at 8 ohms, 250W/channel at 4 ohms


The hub of your audio system, Mark Levinson preamplifiers connect your music player to your amplifier, ensuring incredible sound quality regardless of the source.

№ 523

The № 523 includes a high-performance Pure Phono module that’s housed in its own steel enclosure to reduce noise and deliver outstanding performance. Your favorite vinyl albums will never sound better.

№ 526

he № 526 contains a high-performance Precision Link Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) that accurately reconstructs digital audio signals, minimizes noise and delivers outstanding audio quality.

№ 5206

Unleash all the performance your headphones can deliver. The № 5206 preamplifier’s class – A analog line stage has so much current capability it can power your headphones directly.


Power Amplifiers

The powerhouse of your audio system, Mark Levinson high-end amplifiers fill your entire space with pure, distortion-free sound.

№ 534

From the subtlest lows to the most dynamic highs, uncover every detail in your music with the № 534. This Pure Path stereo amplifier provides a deep, expansive soundstage and accurate image placement while delivering an outstanding 250 watts per channel.

№ 536

This Pure Path monoblock amplifier provides a deep, expansive soundstage and accurate image placement while delivering an incredible 400 watts per channel. Pair a single № 536 to each of your loudspeakers for the ultimate in stereo performance

№ 5302

By using discrete components carefully selected for their precise function, the № 523 delivers unmatched sound quality that captures the nuances of every note.



Have a deeper listen to your favorite vinyl with a high-end turntable meticulously designed to surface every single detail from the original recording.

№ 515

Designed to bring out the absolute best in your vinyl collection, the № 515 will transport you to the studio where the music was recorded. Every single detail of this high-end turntable has been engineered with superior technologies and beautiful custom features to create an excellent sound stage, engaging dynamics and pure audio playback that draws you in with each listen.

№ 5105

Showcase your vinyl collection with a turntable custom made with the finest materials, technology and artisanship in the world. With a lavish design and outstanding performance, the № 5105 is engineered to reveal every intricate nuance from a song’s original recording with explosive dynamics and an expansive sonic image.

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