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Home Audio

Enhance your home audio experience with Audio Design & Automation. As the experts in home audio, we specialize in creating customized systems tailored to your space. From immersive JBL Synthesis systems that bring music to life to versatile setups perfect for hosting parties and enjoying your favorite tunes, our goal is to make your audio reflect your unique style. Discover the best products and exceptional service that fit your budget, ensuring a listening experience like no other. Contact us today to elevate your home entertainment.

Home  Theater

Step into the realm of ultimate home entertainment with Audio Design & Automation. Our expertise lies in creating home theater systems that transport you to a world of cinematic wonders. Immerse yourself in the unrivaled audio experience delivered by cutting-edge JBL Synthesis systems or indulge in the versatility of our custom setups, perfect for hosting unforgettable movie nights or enjoying your favorite sports events. We understand that your home theater should be a reflection of your unique style, which is why we offer a wide range of seating designs and even incorporate a stylish bar area for the complete cinematic experience. At Audio Design & Automation, we don’t just deliver the finest products and exceptional installation services; we also empower you to curate your own home theater by choosing the brands and equipment that resonate with you. 

HIFI 2-Channel

JBL Synthesis is a complete turnkey system for your home theater or media room. Utilizing the most advanced electronics and loudspeakers, we create a completely customized system tailored to your room’s size and acoustics. Once installed, each system is expertly calibrated to guarantee exceptional performance for each and every seat.

Become part of the performance with a sound that envelops you. With perfectly balanced sound and incredible dynamics, a JBL Synthesis system makes each moment of the movie come to life.

Every component of a JBL Synthesis system is engineered to perform in perfect harmony, so you can enjoy the most realistic listening experience possible.